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October 24, 2017
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Today I recived my Discharge of debtor letter
Hi, just wanted to say thank you very very much for all your help to the Genesis law group, specialy to Amanda and Daniel King, Im so happy that they were very helpful thru the prosses on it came rigth on time, will recomend them to friends, thanks marcelo

Marcelo S January 29, 2013

So far no issues with the process. They have been very informative of what to expect and what my options are. I am hopeful that everything goes as they discussed.

Carlos O January 29, 2013

bankruptcy chapter 7
Service has been good all myquestons have been asked. I have been kept in form by the serices rep. at all times. My email have been answered and response has been good.You should val the for parking when you meet for meetings

Jeannette R January 24, 2013

Genesis law Group
Genesis law Group is an exelent law firm. When ever I need them they are quick to replay, either if its on a email or a message they are there. They help me with my bankruptcy and they best part of it was that they offered me the option of making monthly payments.

Marcos F January 09, 2013

its been good i have had a good experience with The Genesis Law. DAisy has answered and clarified all doubts Ive had. Overrall its been great

Christopher H January 09, 2013

I thank Genesis Law Group for assisting me with my legal needs.

Lisa R January 09, 2013

While I have been with the Genesis Law Group they have assisted me promptly and answered all my questions adequetally. I do not have complaint so far abou the company, everything has been smooth sailing.

Lubomir D December 28, 2012